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What Vandy Studios has been up to:

Yalllllllll! This month has been wild and I have been feeling it! I am getting over a cold as we speak buuuuuut am feeling so overjoyed with everything else around us. If you haven’t heard, Caleb and I moved across the country…AGAIN!! Haha.

Since being back, we have had some time to unpack but are still working at finding everything their home. Our apartment is a dream, it feels as though we don’t deserve it! Caleb has a job with some of the best guys! FUN FACT! It is the same job he had right out of college. Volleyball and softball are back! And weekends are FULL of weddings. We are feeling so full and thankful for the ways the Lord has provided for us.

So, today, I am keeping things short, but thank you for supporting Vandy Studios and allowing me to capture so many sweet life moments all over the country!!! It is truly INSANE to think about.

As far as Vandy Stuios goes, I am cranking out galleries and am feeling very excited about the work I am producing. I LOVE SERVING COUPLES in such a beautiful way! It is a true gift capturing weddings!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

♡Cassidy from Vandy Studios

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