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Outfit Ideas for your couples session

Updated: 3 days ago

Hi cuties and happy Thursday. Cassidy, here, with another blog post!! I am sharing some cute and fun couples outfits for summer sessions today and I cannot wait to share these with you! Take a look at these 5 looks, below.

Outfit #1:

The direction I am heading for this first one is "Cute & Fun." What comes to mind is flowers, maybe taking place at an arboretum or garden.

LINKS TO THESE OUTFITS: The links for these outfits are clickable.

Brown Sandals: Steve Madden, $69.95

Tan Pants: Banana Republic Factory, On sale for $41

White Button Down: Banana Republic Factory, On sale for $45

White Leather Sneakers: Banana Republic Factory, On sale for $45

I totally did not intend the man's entire outfit to be Banana Repuclic, but hey! I think it looks really nice. And not to mention, cute & fun.


Outfit #2:

For this second outfit idea, I am getting fancy. I am thinking of an evening session downtown in the big city.

LINKS TO THESE OUTFITS: The links for these outfits are clickable.

Silky Black Dress: Pepper Mayo, $75

White Button Down: Banana Republic Factory, On sale for $45

Black Dress Pants: Banana Republic Factory, $90

Black Dress Shoes: H&M, on sale for $51


Outfit #3:

For the third outfit idea, I am thinking we casual. For the session, I am thinking the couple heads on a cute "exploring small town" or "hometown date" type of vibe.

LINKS TO THESE OUTFITS: The links for these outfits are clickable.

Chunky Grey Sweater: J. Crew, $44.50

Women's Jeans: PacSun, $28.47

Adidas Sambas: Foot Locker, $110

White Tee: H&M, $5.25

Men's Jeans: Gap Factory, $20

Nike Dunks: Nike, $135


Outfit #4:

For this third outfit, the theme is ranch. Maybe we throw in a cowgirl & cowboy hat and maybe even some boots. This session is taking place out in the country, maybe at the pasture where the cows and horses are roaming. Think, Hannah Montana movie. That's what we are picturing here.

Jeans: Wrangler, $49.99

White tank: Hollister, $7.50

Cowgirl boots: Tecovas, $285

Jeans: Wrangler, $69.99

Carhartt Tee: Amazon, $20.24

Cowboy boots: Tecovas, $295

Cowboy hat: Tecovas, $295


For this last outfit idea, we are taking it to the lake with a sailboat ride, country club look!!! Are you ready??

White linen pants: H&M, $39.99

Cashmere Cardigan: My Comfy Blouse, $39.99

Sandals: DSW, $49.99

Mens shirt: H&M, $29.99

Pants: Old Navy, $21.99

Birkenstock Clog: DSW, $159.96

I hope this sparked some fun ideas for your next couples session and will be able to incporpoate even some activities that you love to do together!

Thank you for being here! And have a blessed day!!!

♡Cassidy from Vandy Studios

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