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My best wedding tips for you!!!

Updated: 3 days ago

Hey hey!!!! I am so happy you’re here. & I cannot wait to share this post with you today!! I am sharing my best 10 wedding tips + 1 bonus for ya!!! These are just things that I learned as Caleb and I planned and celebrating our wedding day.


  1. Consider having a wedding weekend: Caleb and I got married on a Sunday, which allowed us to have the whole weekend to spend with our loved ones (family, friends and wedding party) up until our wedding day on Sunday. This also made sense for us because he and I didn’t have a bachelor and bachelorette weekend. The summer was so crazy with a number of our friends also getting married and we just didn’t know when it would have been possible to do it any other weekend than our wedding weekend. We both spent that Friday of our wedding apart to have that time alone with our guys and gals while still having that wedding weekend hotel discount as we all stayed in the same hotel for the weekend. At the time, I didn’t even think about this but SCORE! Also, let me just say, my maid of honor planned the most epic and fun filled day for me!!!!! It was so fun and so memorable and I loved it. The downfall of making a whole weekend out of fb it and having your wedding on a Sunday would be people coming from out of town and would potentially miss work Monday. This is just what worked best for us and we loved it!

  2. Invite people in: we both had 10 people stand on each side of us for our wedding party. If a large wedding party intimidates you, I am here to share that it doesn’t have to. Being together all weekend also allowed our wedding party to get to know each other. I knew all of Caleb’s groomsmen already and he knew all of my bridesmaids. However, the wedding party didn’t all know each other. So, incorporating half apps at Apple Bee’s one evening, a pool at our hotel, and the rehearsal Saturday night gave everyone a number of opportunities to hang out and get comfortable with one another! We loved the people we invited in to stand next to us and couldn’t imagine not having each of them there. It was a blessing, for sure!!

  3. Consider your most important and not so important vendors!! Caleb and I opted out of a florist and got everything from Trader Joe’s. I know I know. This isn’t for everyone. But fun fact! Trader Joe’s refills florals each day! Crazy, right? Now, I am not saying I don’t appreciate florists, because they do an absolutely insane job and put in so much effort for each wedding day they are apart of, but, to be honest, Caleb and I didn’t want to spend money on the flowers in that capacity. We had other vendors that we splurged on and felt we could do minimal decor because some other things meant more to us. This isn’t me saying, don’t splurge on your florals, either. What I am saying is if you are on a budget, talk about what means most to the two of you and what you are and are not willing to spend money on. This also made for a super fun morning for my mom, my maid of honor and I. We went and bought all the florals early Saturday morning and when we got back to the hotel, all the girls made their own bouquet and boutonniere for the guy they were walking down the aisle with. This meant so much to me because I have always loved crafts and being creative. This was a beautiful way to tie that into our wedding weekend.

  4. Do things the two of you love your wedding weekend. Caleb had a huge desire to serve our wedding weekend so we went to Feed my starving Children. This was something he grew up doing but we both knew we wanted to spend our years married, serving others, (and each other) and help those in need. This idea he had reminded us why we were getting married, what our purpose was and why God was at the center. We wanted to invite our loved ones into that.

  5. Enjoy your day! Recognize that when it comes to your wedding day, you’ve done everything you can, all the planning you can, and if something doesn’t go right, or the way you wanted it to, that’s okay!!! Just enjoy it. This is the best day of your life!!! HAVE FUN!

  6. Do a dessert you both love! Caleb and I found the cutest ice cream shop in the town that we got married and they actually had a little cart and was a recommended vendor at the venue. TIP! Check their recommended vendor lists! They are vendors that they’ve worked with and liked working with! We had a cake for he and I to cut, but our dessert for our guests was ice cream. The line was so long before we even  had a chance to announce what our dessert was!!!

  7. Choose food you love!! Caleb and I had BBQ ribs and loved every bit of it. We love BBQ and found some awesome vendors nearby and it was just the best.

  8. Tie in your personalities: Caleb and I live in sweatpants on a typical day and on our wedding day, we danced our last few songs and our exit in matching Nike sweats and it truly felt like us and made it a fun way to tie in our personalities.

  9. Practice grand entrances at rehearsal dinner: we told our bridesmaids and groomsmen who they were walking with a while before the wedding so that they could communicate and decide what they wanted to do for the grand entrance. This was not planned but after our rehearsal dinner, everyone was with their person practicing and it was so fun and funny watching everyone come up with and help each other think of something that would get the wedding guests excited!

  10. Leave the phone: I don’t think I looked at my phone once the whole wedding day. I didn’t need it. Everyone I loved was at our wedding and I had no reason to be on it. It was so special and allowed me to be so present. The day flew by so I am glad I soaked it in as much as I could. During the honeymoon, also consider leaving the phone and just be with your hubby!!! You’ll be so glad you did!

I have a bonus one!!!

  1. Get in God’s word morning of!! This provided me with so much peace and reminded me that THIS!! THIS BOOK!! GOD’S WORD!! Is why our marriage will work. If He is first, and we love Him above everything…that is the best thing we can do for each other.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I cannot wait to share more with you!!!

Have a blessed day

♡Cassidy from Vandy Studios

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