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Life Events that you may want a photographer for

It seems as though everything is documented these days and with that being said, I wanted to share some fun occasions you might find fun to have a photographer for! Obviously, it is up to you whether or not you would want to hire a photographer or not, but the option is there for almost every occasion under the sun. Check out some fun ideas below:

Senior Pictures: Are you or your child graduating high school soon? Senior Pictures are a sweet way to document what you/your child looked like at this time in their life, what sports or instruments they played and this exciting time in their life!

College Graduation: Woohoo! You are graduating college! How exciting. Did you get that cap and gown? And maybe even some special awards? Let's document this exciting time before you start your big girl/big boy job!

Proposal: Getting Married? Proposing soon? Consider having this sweet moment documented! This moment is so special and exciting and capturing the joy in this moment is truly so memorable to have.

Rehearsal Dinner: This one isn't super popular, but I absolutely love this idea. Having your photographer at your wedding rehearsal, the night before, makes for a beautiful wedding gallery addition. Especially if there are any special speeches. This is also the time that most of your family + wedding party may be meeting one another.

Wedding: This one may be a no brainer but having a wedding photographer for your wedding day is my #1 recommendation. I looooooove the wedding photos that Paige Louise Media took for Caleb and I. They truly are so special and hiring a wedding photographer was definitely one of my very favorite wedding investments we made.

Baby Announcement: I have been seeing this a lot more with the rise of social media. This can be kept between the two of you, or posted online to share with friens + family. I think this is super meaningful to have documented and plan on doing when Caleb and I start a family of our own.

Gender Reveal: I think these are a cute and fun idea. My persnal favorite is when a couple has a little picnic and cake and they find out by sticking a cup into the cake (while making eye contact with each other) and on the count of three, both look at what the color is. This seems so intimate and fun and pure and so joy filled.

Baby Shower: What a special time in your life!!! With so many friends, family + loved ones, this is a sweet occasion you might want to consider hiring a photographer for.

1st Birthday Party: Is your baby turning 1??? I have been loving the adorable first birthday party ideas I see and think it would be so cute to hire a photographer to capture this special milestone in your babies life.

That's all I have for you today! Again, these are not required, simply ideas that I have and think would be cute to have documented as they are BIG life events.

Have a blessed day!

♥ Cassidy from Vandy Studios

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