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Karina & Clay

Updated: 3 days ago

OUR BEST FRIENDS. And when I saw "our" I mean Caleb and I. hehe. Cause when you're about to marry someone, it is no long "I" all of the time, right?

Anyways, I have a fun little story, growing up I ALWAYS listened to Dr. Laura with my mom in the car on the way to the store. Our trips to the store took approximately 45 minutes because we lived in a super small town far away from everything. and I mean EVERYTHING. I always thought Dr. Laura was so harsh with her advice, but hey, that is why people went to her. They wanted to hear her HONEST thoughts. And now I see how important that is. Fast forward to about a week ago, my mom mentions she is sending me two books in the mail and guess who they are by. Yep, Dr. Laura. They are marriage books. One is about marriage in general and one is more specific to husbands and how, as I wife, to care for mine. She says she sent them because she thinks we have similar lifestyles and ways of doing life. I read the Introduction. I was hooked. I wipe away all I said about her being super harsh. She shares a story about sacrificing our wants for the one that we love and to tie ALLLLL of this together, I cannot wait to watch Clay and Karina do that every single day with one another. I am confident that they will join together in matrimony and be for the other person.

I love you two a ton and may God bless your future and be a light to your lives together.

Also, I will say, I am VERY allergic to cats, but the one of Lucky by the tree is kind of cute, I guess. And Lucky sure is lucky to have such epic parents (See what I did there.)

Thank you for being here.

With Love,

Cassidy Kabus

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