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Favorite Midwest Wedding Photographers

Updated: 3 days ago

Yes, I am serious!! Today, I am sharing and promoting my favorite photographers in the Midwest. You might be wondering why as I am also running my own business. So.... I am sharing these talented businesses because these photographers are TALENTED and deserve to be seen by people.

Below, I will be linking their name, their Instagram, and their website. I hope you love them just as much as I do!!!

Paige Louise Media -

Michaela Lee Photos -

Allison Nicole Photo -



Kay Collective -


Simple Escape Photo -


The Loui Photography -


Stephanie Marie (Wolf) Photo - For some reason, her website won't pop up...

Carly Kay -

All of these photographers have such incredible talent and I hope you find that their work truly tell your sweetest love story. I tried including photographers of all different styled in case you prefer bright and airy over dark and moody.

I know this is kind of a shorter one today, but I want to start sharing vendors that I love, whether that is me simply following their work or working with them personally and loving their personality. I know I created a semi big list, but I just wanted to say, this doesn't even cover all of the photographers that I have come to love and admire over the years. I truly am so thankful to have been able to meet so many amazing vendors sine beginning this sweet job.

I cannot wait to share more vendors that I LOVE. If there is a category you'd like to see from me, comment below.

Have the best week. With Love, Cassidy Kabus

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