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Faith & Zach get married and my first time photographing at Maidenwood!!

FIRST OF ALL... HAPPY 4th of JULY! AKA MY SECOND FAVORITE HOLIDAY. Christmas comes first cause happy birthday Jesus!!! I love today and I hope you get to spend it with your loved ones watching some fireworks! (:

Now, back to regular programming.

I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful Faith & Zach's wedding day was! The colors, the suits, the dress, the venue, all of the details...EVERYTHING WAS BREATHTAKING! This was my first time photographing a wedding at Maidenwood and I loved it!

FUN FACT! The DJ company at Caleb and I's wedding not only DJ'd this wedding, but also owns this venue! A DJ on his team was present on our wedding day so I didn't officially get to meet Steve (the owner) until Faith & Zach's wedding. It was so fun meeting him and making a connection in person, like that!

I am so excited to be sharing images from their wedding day and hope to photograph MUCH MUCH more at Maidenwood in the future. Everywhere was so green and the venue was so intimate. I LOVED IT!

Enjoy these images!

Thank you for being here!

♥ Cassidy from Vandy Studios

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