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9 things i want to improve on this year as a photographer!

Updated: 3 days ago

Let's face it, I AM NOT PERFECT. and I never will be and that is OKAY. buttttttt i sure do want to try my best to create the best client experience possible for couples that I have the opportunity to work with and serve in my day to day.

SOOOO, I created "9 things i want to improve on this year as a photographer!" and share it with you. Whether you are a soon to be bride or groom, or a fellow wedding photographer, I am so happy that you are here. THANK YOU.


  1. cull and back up photos RIGHT when I get home - Typically, I like to go in and cull when it is up next for the queue. WHICH IS GREAT because it allows me to stay well organized BUT culling is half of the process in itself. I am making this a goal to A.) better protect the images by immediately backing them up and B,) to complete the culling right away so that I get to hop right into the editing process when it is up in the queue.

  2. share sneak peeks within 24 hours - EVERYONE LOOOOVES SNEAK PEEKS, RIGHT? With that being said, I want to make it my goal to be efficient and leave clients satisfied, but excited for more.

  3. sit back and let the photo opportunities happen = I KNOW, I KNOW, this might sound bad by the way that i am wording this but by sitting back and letting the authentic photo moments happen. Not posing can sometimes be the best. The raw real moments are so so important and if I am so busy trying to pose for the "perfect photo" I might miss what really could have come from a moment. BUT ALSO! That doesn't mean I won't direct you in certain situations.

  4. be bold/take risks - this includes trying new angles! this includes trying new detail photos! this includes incorporating new people! this includes having so much fun!

  5. don't be afraid to walk up to random people for photos - not at weddings, but rather, when I am traveling or at the beach... I want to simply walk up to people and see if they would be interested in taking some photos that I could share with them at a later time. I just want to connect with people.

  6. find new photo locations - i tend to stick to my safe places, WHICH IS GREAT...I love knowing where those are, but also...I tried somewhere new yesterday and IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. I want to seek those out more.

  7. be in communication with other vendors, make those connections!! - Vendors are amazing, I love them, I am one of them. Regardless if you're a cake decorator, a florist, the event planner, or even the venue as a whole, you deserve to see and use the images that I take because YOU DID THAT. and I want to share that with you!! That is a new goal of mine. To share and be in communication with vendors.

  8. continue my Pinterest journey - I have been loving my Pinterest journey with Cassidy Kabus Photography and truthfully, one I only want to grow and improve on. Whether that be positing my most recent and favorite works or going in and pinning some favorites from other photographers that I love.

  9. remain consistent on Instagram - Instagram is one of my biggest baskets. I love it. I like it and I just really really enjoy it. I like that I get to engage with so many people and easily communicate with them, too. I just want to be a familiar face on there, but also, find that healthy balance when needed.

Well, that's all from me. I am so excited to incorporate/continue a lot of these goals that I have set for myself and in a year or so, reflect and see the results of that. Thank you for following along. Thank you for being here. I am so happy you are.

With Love,

Cassidy Kabus

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