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10 dessert options for your summer wedding that you didn't know you needed!!!

Updated: 3 days ago

I am a dessert gal THROUGH AND THROUGH. I am not joking!! I could have ice cream every single night and be totally pumped knowing tomorrow night I might have another. With this passion of sweets burning inside of me, totally kidding...BUT with that being said, i want to share with you some of my absolute favorites that you might want to consider for your wedding!!!

  1. Vangstad Creamery: Vangstad Creamery is known for their DELICIOUS ice cream stand!!! You can hire them to come with their ice cream cart to serve some delicious flavors at your wedding. They are located in Brainerd, MN just north of the cities. Check them out out Instagram @vangstadcreamery or on their website at

  2. Nothing Bundt Cakes: You know them, you love them YOU GOTTA HAVE THEM. When I am taking reception photos and see the desserts on their designated table, I cannot not get excited when I see delicious bundt cakes on display to be eaten by the guests (and myself when I leave at the end of the night for my drive home). They are some of my favorites and I will recommend them over and over again. Check out Nothing Bundt Cakes on Instagram @nothingbundtcakes or on their website at

  3. Glam Doll Donuts: Located in Minneapolis, MN, Glam Doll Donuts can make donuts catered to your event, whether that is a wedding or not. They say "Every donut is a tasty work of art!" That sounds great to me. Check them out on Instagram @glamdolldonuts or on their website at

  4. Crumbl: These seem to be the latest craze!!! With their weekly flavor drops, to their massive size, crumbl would be such a fun option for your wedding whether that is to try a couple of flavors and share with your table, or eat a whole cookie by yourself. YOU CHOOSE. Add a glass of milk for a fun milk and cookie option. Check out crumble cookies on Instagram @crumblcookies or on their website at

  5. World's Best Donuts: I know I already mentioned Glam Doll, BUUUUT the more donuts, the merrier!! Isn't that how that saying goes??? World's Best Donuts is located in the beautiful Grand Marais, MN, You can't really get much more north before hitting Canada but what a sweet option for your North Shore Wedding. You can find World's Best Donuts on Instagram @worldsbestdonuts or on their website at

  6. Wilma's Cakes: Wilma's Cake is an adorable in home bakery located in the small town of Arcadia, WI, I should add immediately that they are gluten free!!!!!!!! These cakes are incredible and come in all sorts of flavors. One that I would be so excited to try is their Strawberry Lemonade. That is for sure a must on my dessert bucket list. Be sure to check out Wilma's on Instagram @wcakesyum or on their website at

  7. Camp Cheesecake: Man oh man, these food trucks seem to be like the most genius business plan. Camp cheesecake is located in St. Louis Park, MN where they have their cheesecake company and now, food truck known as "Camp Cheesecake". What a fun wedding dessert option for your guests. Check out Camp Cheesecake on Instagram @campcheesecake or on their website at

  8. Honey & Milk - Macarons: Honey & Milk is a Minneapolis, MN based dessert company. The dessert I am wanting to share for #8 are their macarons. These are a small bite sized cookie typed good that is typically a fun color, as well as a fun flavor! Check out Honey & Milk on Instagram @honeyandmilkmn or on their website at

  9. Honey & Milk: As mentioned previously, Honey & Milk is a Minneapolis, MN based dessert company. They are known for their ice cream sandwiches!!!And my oh my do these look like a 10/10 on the dessert scale. Not only does the ice cream flavor between the two cookies change, BUT so can the cookie flavor. TALK ABOUT FUN! Check out this delicious option on Instagram @honeyandmilkmn or on their website at

  10. Popsicles: Sadly, we have reached our 10th delicious dessert option for your summer wedding. *tear* or YAY! if this has helped you narrow down your options. Imagine this: It's a hot day, nearing 90 degrees, and all you want is something cold and fruity. The wedding ceremony concludes and BOOM, you see a delicious little popsicle stand pull up. That sounds like perfect timing to me. Grab your popsicle stand on Instagram @saintpops or on their website at

WOW! I have shared 10 delicious dessert option in the Minnesota & Wisconsin areas. I know I sure love all of these options and wish I could have them at my own wedding this summer. FUN FACT!! We are doing one of the above, HOWEVER. Wanna guess?

Thank you so much for being here and for taking the time to read these delicious dessert options. Have an amazing day. You are so loved by the One clothed in majesty and splendor.

With Love,

Cassidy Kabus

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